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Presys A/S develops and sells OnBRM (Business Relationship Management) on a subscription basis.

A/S is a Danish inc.

OnBRM boosts your sales, streamlines your marketing and strengthens your customer service by nimbly combining traditional CRM and social media.

Use your Gmail, G+, Youtube and Google Drive with OnBRM.

OnBRM smoothly combines social media with traditional ways to manage contacts, sales, marketing and customer service.

OnBRM is the only CRM that integrates your Gmail and Google+ into a customer centric tool so you can focus sharply on engaging, listening and nurturing your customers.

OnBRM works alongside Goggle Apps, Google+ and Google Drive to:

  • Help you to a quick return on your investment in your valuable customers by boosting your sales
  • Smartly handle sales from lead generation to closing of orders and contract management with digital signature
  • Integrate your direct selling with sales and customer service on your online shop
  • Nimbly handle your viral marketing as well as traditional e-mail, letter and telemarketing campaigns
  • Import with a click contacts from Gmail and Google+ into OnBRM as contacts, leads and cases
  • Get your Hangouts into OnBRM's calendar automatically
  • Share documents with your customers and co-workers in an organized way
  • Access OnBRM straight from Google's universal navigation - no separate username or password required

OnBRM is integrated with many other apps such as LinkedIn, D&B and e-conomic - an online accounting system with more than 65,000 subscriptions.

OnBRM handles URLs to contacts from Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype numbers.

OnBRM has an API of web services you can use together with Google+ to enhance your online shop.

OnBRM is CRM that meets your needs now and in the future. OnBRM is scalable.

Presys’ "treasure" website is about 15 years old, making it one of the first websites in Denmark.

In recent years, OnBRM has become Presys’ main activity.

OnBRM’s address is:



Presys A/S
Norsvej 3
1916 Copenhagen C


  (+45) 42 17 20 70



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