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OnBRM have been sold in more than 5 years as a cloud and SaaS solution (Software as a Service).

2013 OnBRM handles social media and viral marketing
2013 OnBRM is integrated with Google+
2013 OnBRM is integrated with D&B
2013 OnBRM is available on Google Apps Marketplace
2012 Gmail, Google Apps and Google Apps for Business are integrated with OnBRM
2012 OnBRM's integration with LinkedIn is improved
2012 OnBRM is integrated with Google Docs
2012 OnBRM's user interface improves
2012 OnBRM releases API for Web services
2011 MS Exchange is running as an app for OnBRM that can be accessed as a cloud application
2010 OnBRM version 5.0 is released
2010 OnBRM releases a free iPhone and Android version. It can be run with all OnBRM's versions. The user uses the same username and password for all versions
2010 OnBRM is integrated with e-conomic


OnBRM is integrated with Skype

2008 OnBRM is Integrated with MS Exchange


VBT uses OnBRM in connection with patient transport in the Copenhagen region


Presys begins development of OnBRM’s new Web 2.0 (AJAX etc.) interface


Development of JYFFI completed.


The development of OnBRM gains momentum with the development of a car configuration- and financing system (JYFFI) in collaboration with Jyske Bank/Jyske Finans. JYFFI is used daily by car dealers, car importers, Jyske Bank/Jyske Finans, and car customers.


Presys develops OnBRM further and, amongst other things, overhauls the software architecture. See white paper.


First large-sized company to use the basic CRM modules; the contact and customer modules.


Development of OnBRM started in-house at Presys.

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