What is OnBRM?

CRM that is not just another IT investment rather it is the primary tool to achieve a customer-centric company that engages and listens to customers by:

  • Smoothly combining social media with traditional ways to manage contacts, sales, marketing and customer service
  • Nimbly Integrating your direct selling with sales and customer service on your online shop
  • Smartly handling sales from lead generation to closing of orders and contract management if necessary with digital signature using Google Drive
  • Cleverly handling viral marketing through Google+ as well as traditional e-mail, letter and telemarketing campaigns
  • With a click importing contacts from Gmail, G+, YuuTube and Hangouts into OnBRM as contacts, leads and cases
  • Handling URLs to contacts from G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype numbers
  • Being two-way integrated with Google Apps for Business, Gmail and MS Exchange 2003 and 2007
  • Having two-way intergration between OnBRM's calendar and Hangouts
  • Handling documents globally through integration with Google Drive
  • Focusing sharply on collaboration and therefore integrated with D&B and e-conomic in addition to many other apps



OnBRM (Business Relationship Management) is intuitive and agile third generation CRM.

OnBRM's purpose is to boost your sales, streamline your marketing and strengthen your customer service through sharp focus on customers by nimbly combining CRM and social media.

This combination means that you personally at eye level with the client can perform two-way marketing, sales and service.

You can do this where you want, when you want both on your smartphone and PC.


OnBRM puts the customer first through a two-dimensional communication and engagement using many sales and customer service channels.

You can complete the entire sales from lead generation to closing of an order and the creation of a contract with digital signature. You can perform any steps when you want, where you want.

As OnBRM collaborates with Google+ you'll nimbly come from impersonal attention as a lead to engaged interest between you and your contacts as an opportunity.

You can do this by a smart use of interactive Google+ posts, Google+ events and OnBRM's integration with Google Drive.

In order to enhance your sales OnBRM's contacts, leads, opportunities and quotes / invoices handles URLs from Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

When you Integrate your shop with and you use OnBRM, your shop will effectively support your sales and customer service because you with a click can import contacts that caters to the shop through into OnBRM as contacts, leads and cases

You obtain a customer service giving completely different user experience than automated answering systems with long queues and call forwarding or e-mail systems where e-mails are sent back and forth after long breaks.


You can manage product categories, products, prices and discounts in relation to the producer and supplier.

In order to sell abroad, OnBRM handles currencies and taxes for many countries. You can also enter specific tax rates on the invoice.

You can link product specifications and Q & A that is uploaded to Google Drive by your supplier or yourself as well as YouTube videos into a product with a click.

It can be used anywhere and anytime on both smartphone and PC.


You can with a few clicks import contacts from Gmail, Google Apps, Google+, MS Exchange, D&B and e-conomic to OnBRM.

The contacts from Google+, Gmail, Google Apps and MS Exchange can be saved as contacts, leads and cases.

As Gmail and Google Apps displays the sender of an incoming e-mail as a contact, you can one-click import and create new contacts in OnBRM on the basis of your emails in your inbox.

Contacts can be exported to Gmail and MS Exchange.

Social Networks

OnBRM collaborates nimbly with Google+, LinkedIn and Skype in addition to handle URLs from Facebook and Twitter.

You can create engagement and viral marketing through OnBRM and you can measure the momentum in Google Analytics and Google+ Platform Insights.

Events created in Google+ shows up in OnBRM's calendar.

Clicking on a company in OnBRM, your current LinkedIn contacts at that company are shown in your Linkedin. A LinkedIn contact's profile can also be viewed with a click in OnBRM.

By clicking on a contact's Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook URL, you skip to the contact, respectively in Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and you still have OnBRM open where you were.


The online accounting program called e-conomic is two way integrated with OnBRM across the cloud.

You can import customers, contacts, product groups, products and prices from e-conomic in a few clicks.

You can export offers and orders to e-conomic with a click, even from your smartphone or PC.

If debtors / customers, contacts, products and prices are not set up e-conomic, they are exported into e-conomic together with the order / quote.

You can integrate Dynamics NAV and other ERP systems using OnBRM's web services.

You can use OnBRM's CSV wizards to import and export information to and from other ERP systems.


OnBRM handles both traditional marketing channels, which raises awareness through an impersonal one-way communication and marketing channels which through a personal two-way communication based on social media builds up a committed mutual interest between you and your contact.

OnBRM supports the following marketing channels:

  • Engagement marketing
  • Viral
  • Google+ events with hangouts
  • e-mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Letters

You can easily get data from many sources for your campaigns, particularly Excel, D&B, Google+, e-conomic, Gmail/Google Apps and MS Exchange.

With Google Analytics, you can see how your marketing channels work together to create sales.

Human Resource

As OnBRM is integrated with Google+, you and your colleagues may collaborate at eye level using Google+ interactive posts, Google+ events and Google Drive from OnBRM.

All interactive posts, events and documents that you share with a colleague, you can see and work with, wherever you want, whenever you want on your smartphone, tablet and PC.

OnBRM handles employee URLs from Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and Skype numbers.

You and your colleagues are free to choose from the many options in each customer relationship, and you have extremely flexible and almost unlimited possibilities for collaboration with the customer.

In all OnBRM's versions you can work together as a project, and you can attach and remove one or more of the members in the project activities with a few clicks.

The flexible HR management makes OnBRM useable in companies of different sizes and culture.

The different versions handle employee relationships differently. The Small Business and Enterprise employees can work alone or with one or more teams at the same time.

In Team all are working in a common team.

OnBRM's agile handling of HR also enables partner management.

Calendar and Tasks

If you use Gmail or Google Apps with OnBRM you have the same appointments and tasks in Gmail / Google Apps on your smartphone, PC and in OnBRM regardless of where you create the appointment or task.

Events created in Google+ shows up in OnBRM's calendar.

If you use MS Exchange 2003 and 2007 with OnBRM, you immediately have all the appointments and tasks that you create in one of the systems available in the other. This is true regardless of whether you use Outlook, your smartphone or a browser.


OnBRM is integrated with Google Drive and the tools found there including third party products.

You can save a reference in OnBRM to a document in Google Drive with a few clicks.

You and your colleagues improves your document management in Google Drive when you are able to store references to documents in the folder "My Documents" under among other customers, contacts, cases, quotes and contracts.

Using Google Drive you do not need to send emails with attachments back and forth, and you and you can easily retrieve the "attachment", as it is now a document.

OnBRM handles Word, Excel and PDF.

Using Gmail / Google Apps with OnBRM, your e-mails on Gmail will automatically show up in the OnBRM folders "Sent Mail" and "Received Mail" under the contact, the lead and the case which has the sender and recipient email address.

All emails on Gmail / Google Apps will be available in OnBRM's email module.

If you are using MS Exchange with OnBRM you will have the same features available.

You can easily design and create reports.

Most tools for creating reports supports OnBRM's Web services.

Which version should I choose?

Which version of OnBRM your business needs depends on your business size, the amount of contacts and clients in your network and your company culture.

Small Business is ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, craftsmen, freelancers and web shops.

Team is well suited for companies and departments where everyone works together and everyone should be able to see each other's information.

Enterprise is suitable for the company, who wants everything including OnBRM's campaign and contract modules.

Premier is suitable for the company who want to adjust parts of OnBRM or customize new features.


As your business evolves over time, OnBRM evolve with it.

OnBRM is scalable so it can expand as your business and your customer network becomes larger.

Simply change the version to handle the new situation.

How do I get started?

You can try a two-week free trial, where you either work on your own data or OnBRM data. The trial is Small Business.

You can change the version of the demo in OnBRM's employee module.

With a few clicks you can in OnBRM authorize OnBRM to use your Gmail / Google Apps.

You can subscribe to OnBRM on the Google Apps Marketplace or OnBRM's website.

A trial on Google Apps Marketplace

You can subscribe to OnBRM on Google Apps Marketplace here.

On Google Apps Marketplace OnBRM is fully integrated with Google Apps for Business. There is Single Sign-On for OnBRM, G+, Gamil, Google Calendar, Google Drive and many third-party products.

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