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OnBRM is not just another IT investment but rather the primary tool to achieve a customer-centric business with loyal customers.

OnBRM combines nimbly traditional CRM with social media, so you personally at eye level with the customer can perform two-dimensional marketing, sales and customer service.

OnBRM integrates nimbly direct selling, sales through your web shop and partner sales.

OnBRM handles Google+ events and viral marketing in addition to traditional campaigns such as email, telephone and letters.

OnBRM's integration with social media allows a personal and efficient customer service which more than complements automated telephone answering systems and their waiting and call forwarding.

OnBRM has an advanced product handling.

OnBRM's HR module is integrated with social media, and although it is simple, it satisfies large companies needs.

OnBRM has an open web service API, so OnBRM can be tailored to your needs.


OnBRM handles both traditional marketing channels which seek to create awareness through an impersonal one-way communication and marketing channels based on social media, which build an engaged interest between you and your contact through a personal two-dimensional communication.

OnBRM supports the following marketing channels:

  • Engagement marketing
  • viral
  • Events and Hangouts
  • email
  • Telemarketing
  • Letters

With analytical tools such as Google Analytics, you can see how your marketing channels work together to create sales.
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OnBRM handles the whole sales pipeline from lead generation to closing of an order and the creation of a contract with digital signature.

As OnBRM collaborates with Google+ you'll nimbly come from impersonal attention as a lead to engaged interest between you and your contacts as an opportunity.

You can do this by a smart use of interactive Google+ posts, Google+ events and OnBRM's integration with Google Drive.

The integration with Google+ and Google Drive allows you to view and deal with all interactive posts, events and documents that you share with a contact where you want, when you want on your smartphone and PC.

OnBRM's contacts, leads, opportunities and Quotes / invoices handles URLs from Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

When you integrate your shop with Google+, you can one-click import leads and contacts into OnBRM and those you can continue working on in your direct sales and partner sales.

You can create and modify quotations and invoices on your smartphone and PC with a few clicks and you can immediately export the order to e-conomic with one click.

An order can be exported to most accounting systems through OnBRM's API.

Since OnBRM collaborates with Gmail and Google Apps you can on your smartphone and PC view and manage events, appointments and e-mails with the individual contact.

OnBRM's integration with LinkedIn do that you from OnBRM can see a contact's professional profile on LinkedIn.

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  Your responses to your customers' service and support needs are what determines how they are speaking about you to their friends, colleagues and customers.

The better the customer service the more loyal customers.

Loyal customers are increasing after-sales and cross-selling, and they bring you free many opportunities for new sales.

You can obtain a customer service giving completely different user experience than automated answering systems with long queues and call forwarding or e-mail systems where e-mails are sent back and forth after long breaks, in this way:

Integrating your shop with Google+, you can one-click import cases with contacts into OnBRM.

Using Google+ interactive posts, Google+ events and OnBRM's integration with Google Drive in your customer service.

The Google+ events can be arranged and held at any time in the cloud, and you can use OnBRM's integration with Google Drive during the meeting, for example to Q & A and product manuals.

An event is automatically saved to your YouTube account so the event can be given to the customer and be reused in similar situations and on your website.

The agreed meeting time will be automatically inserted into your OnBRM calendar, so you have control of your client meetings.

you can carry out the customer service on both PCs and smartphones.

You can also use Skype's integration with OnBRM to video conferencing with shared screens and chats.
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  Product and stock management
  OnBRM's product part handles both goods and services.

It handles product categories, prices and discounts.

In order for you to sell abroad, it is possible to handle currencies and VAT for many countries. You can also enter specific VAT rates on the invoice.

You can link product specs and Q & A uploaded to Google Drive as well as YouTube videos to a product with a click.

Sales staff, service staff and support functions can use this anywhere and anytime on both the smartphone and PC.

OnBRM allows you to see what customers have previously purchased, so there can be additional sales.

If you use e-conomic you can from it import products, product categories and prices with a click.
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  Human resource
  As OnBRM is integrated with Google+, you and your colleagues can collaborate one-to-one through Google+ interactive posts, Google+ events and Google Drive from OnBRM.

All interactive posts, events and documents that you share with a colleague, you can see and work with, wherever you want, whenever you want on your smartphone and PC.

In addition to employees' URLs from Google+ OnBRM Handles URLs from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and Skype numbers.

You and your colleagues are free to choose from the many options in each customer relationship, and you get extremely flexible and almost unlimited possibilities for collaboration on and with the customer.

For apps that are based on Google Apps, there is Single Sign-On with OnBRM. This applies to Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Addwords and YouTube.

For more traditional integrations, you must enter each employee's username and password for the app in the HR module.

If you subscribe to OnBRM through Google Marketplace OnBRM will show up in your Gmail under the button "More" and you should not enter your username and password to OnBRM to use OnBRM.

OnBRM keeps track of the ownership of the accounts, contacts and activities such as leads.

OnBRM handles beyond master data also salary, commission and the target of an employee.

OnBRM has dashboards which graphically displays such things as progress and commision for each employee.
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  Customized App
  Although OnBRM's versions are designed to cater for the individual business needs, your company can be in need of additional CRM.

Often cost the fulfillment of these needs so much that a company can not obtain a reasonable return on investment.

With OnBRM's API (interface) it becomes possible to meet these needs at a reasonable price.

OnBRM's API is free, and it consists of web services.

Your developers or consultants can use many programming languages ​​and development environments to tailor OnBRM for your specific purposes.

Examples of adjustments are:

  • Integration between some of your core systems and OnBRM
  • Integration of new apps with OnBRM
  • Development of new features to OnBRM
  • Development of new reports
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