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OnBRM's API makes it easy to integrate OnBRM with your company's website, accounting and core systems.

You can quickly and inexpensively develop new features using the API.

The API consists of web services that support. NET and J2EE.

You can use Visual Studio, Open Source environment Eclipse, Ruby, PHP and many other development tools along with the API.

You can with Excel, Google Docs and report generators like Crystal Report, create reports, dashboards with speedometers and other business intelligence.


What gives OnBRM's API me?

It's simple and fast to integrate OnBRM with your company's website, accounting and core systems since OnBRM has an open web API consisting of many web services.

OnBRM's web services are not based on a single vendor's specifications, but they follow the W3C standard, and they are running on open source Apache Axis server.

It is simple to generate classes. in NET and J2EE, with the development tools you use for daily.

A developer can quickly using OnBRM's web services develops:

  • Integration with your website / web shop
  • Integration with your company's core systems
  • Reports
  • New features for OnBRM
  • Apps

Integration with your website / web shop

You can integrate OnBRM with your company's website, shop and / or CMS.

The more open your shop / CMS is, the faster and cheaper will the task be.

For the most part it becomes a minor task.

OnBRM offers web service objects for employees, accounts (companies), contacts, products, product groups and all activities in the sales pipeline.

Through the API can contacts that were entered through your website be saved as contacts and leads in OnBRM.

You can follow the contacts' progress and status in the sales pipeline, and you can create campaigns upon them.

The website can also save cases (service / support) with contact information, product, place where the product is used and error / support information.

The customer will be able to follow the status of the case.

OnBRM can handle orders from your website.

You can send them to your ERP system, if you do not already from your website send them to your ERP system.

Integration with your company's core systems

You can embed OnBRM with your company's core systems.

OnBRM can integrate with MS Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics C5, as they can 'talk' with OnBRM's web services.

Adjustments can be made cheaply and quickly, with among other Visual Studio.

Other ERP systems eg. SAP, Oracle and Wisma can also 'talk' with OnBRM's web sevices.

OnBRM can also 'talk' with open HR systems.

You do not need to manage employees using OnBRM. You can continue to do so in your current HR system.


You can quickly and inexpensively develop new reports.

The reports can be dashboards and / or reports in paper.

There are many reports tools such as Excel, Google Docs and Crystal Report supporting web services. They are easy to use and requires little or no programming.

New features for OnBRM

OnBRM may have some shortcomings in relation to your needs.

You can fix these shortcomings by tailoring OnBRM to meet those needs.

The possibilities of adjustments are almost unlimited, and technical adjustments can provide completely new functionality to OnBRM.


You can develop new apps using the API. They can run on smart phones, web browsers, Windows and / or Linux / Unix.

What can I develop with?

OnBRM is developed in Java and J2EE.

Presys A/S uses Eclipse as a development environment.

Eclipse is the world's most popular open-source environment for development.

You are not limited to this environment.

You can develop an app or adjustment in .NET with Microsoft tools like Visual Studio.

You can develop with Ruby and PHP.

DYou can also develop on an iPhone or Android platform.

You can create reports among other with Crystal Report.

How do I get started

You must order a Two-Week Free Trial, or have a subscription to a production version.

You then have access to the API under the menu item API.

At any time during the trial or subscription period you are welcome to contact Presys A / S to get help +45 42 17 20 70.

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