What gives D&B together with OnBRM me?

You will with D&B together with OnBRM achieve:
  • Import of 200+ millions businesses
  • Import contacts from businesses
  • Many search parameters for both businesses and contacts
  • Always access to the latest master data
  • Campaigns based on latest parameters.

Import of 200+ millions businesses

You can with a few clicks import businesses from D&B.

Businesses are from all the countries in which D&B are.

You can find customers, partners and suppliers almost everywhere with a few clicks.

You get company master data such as name, address, phone number and industry.

You can use OnBRM's integration with Google Map to see more about the business.

You can find and learn more about the company with a click on OnBRM's LinkedIn integration depending on your LinkedIn subscription.

You therefore know which company you deal with.

mport contacts in businesses

You can with a few clicks import contacts from D&B.

You can see the contact's profile with a few clicks in OnBRM's LinkedIn integration.

Many search parameters for both businesses and contacts

You can use many search parameters for both companies and contacts.

For businesses, the search criteria are among others name, country, industry, number of employees, size and other economic indicators.

For contacts among others company name and job function.

Always access to the latest master data

When you create companies and contacts you no longer need to be careful to make typing errors in addresses.

When the company moves, you will have the new address with a few clicks, when D&B has updated company information.

Campaigns based on latest parameters.

You can easily create campaigns based on country, industry codes, company size, sales and other key figures as the campaign module in the Enterprise version uses D&B's search criteria.

You can also create campaigns based on the contacts. There, you can. use job function and data from other sources such as birthday.

You can combine search parameters from both companies and contacts in your campaigns.

Who can use D&B/OnBRM?

D&B combined with OnBRM is a must have if you and your company want to:

  • Get an overview of and knowledge about your opportunities with existing and new customers
  • Study group relationships online and learn about opportunities to create additional sales within the same group
  • Get analyzes that provide an overview of your company's market potential and identifying potential customers, where the chance of a successful sale is the greatest
  • Finding suppliers and partners
  • Make segmented campaigns, and it applies to both telephone and e-mail campaigns
  • Cleaning your data

The more countries that you want to trade in, the more you get out of the combination of D&B and OnBRM.

Which version should I use with OnBRM?

All OnBRM versions have access to D&B.

Only Enterprise and Enterprise Premier have a campaign module. Therefore, D&B's marketing and promotional potential can only be exploited by these versions.

Which subscription should I subscribe from D&B?

Please contact D&B in your country, so they can tell which subscription that matches your needs.

How do I get started?

You must have a subscription to D&B.

You must in OnBRM's employee module enter your D&B Account, D&B Username, D&B Password and D&B API key.

Then you are up in the cloud.

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