Enterprise manages telemarketing and email campaigns and marketing in addition to sales and customer service.

Enterprise is well suited to manage contact and customer networks from 100 participants.

Enterprise is the web shop that wants to create campaigns to leads captured on the Internet.

Enterprise is effective for a company with multiple layers and branches.

Team members can only view their own information. The project manager can view each team member's details.

Team members can work individually or as a team on the individual sales activities.

You can with a click make your contact and customer information open to one or more colleagues.

Enterprise can be easily integrated with one or more of your core systems.

Enterprise Version


What do I get with Enterprise?

Enterprise meets the medium and large businesses sophisticated and diverse needs for CRM.

But Enterprise is also suited for the company who wants a webshop with powerful CRM features and customer service for a small amount.

Enterprise handles telemarketing and email campaigns.

With small investments can departments in medium and large organizations implement Enterprise and therefore get a quick ROI (Return on Investment).

It is therefore not necessary to conduct larger allocation procedures and budgeting.

The individual project manager or supervisor can subscribe to the enterprise and implement the Enterprise in his department at the pace it is opportune.

Lines of Business

Enterprise provides a 360° knowledge of the customer network because Enterprise handles the following areas:


You can with Enterprise create and execute campaigns.

You can import leads from Experian's Danish company database KOB-OPEN.

You can import leads from many other sources such as Excel.

You can use the leads from your web shop and website.

These leads can be segmented by many criteria.

You can use this to create call and mail lists,which can flexibly be allocated to the responsible employee.

You can design and modify templates for e-mails, which you can then send to the group of leads that you have selected through segmentation.

You can staying in touch with your leads and valuable customers by executing such campaigns.
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Enterprise handles the entire sales pipeline from lead generation to closing of an order with creation of a contract.

Enterprise can be integrated closely with your web shop and website.

Enterprise supports that you work individually or as a team on the individual sales activity.

Enterprise is two-way integrated with MS Exchange.

On your smartphone, you can see the same information as the browser version, since they both use MS Exchange as database.

On your smartphone, you can see appointments, e-mails and other correspondence with your clients.

On your smartphone, you not only have the contacts from MS Exchange available. You have all the contacts you have stored in OnBRM available.

Therefore you can call, texting and sending emails to all your contacts on your smartphone.

You can create, modify and email offers and invoices on the spot with your smartphone with a few clicks.

To be able to deal with public institutions without extra work, Enterprise works with EAN numbers (The EAN-location number of the public institution in Denmark). The integration with e-conomic also handles EAN numbers.
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  Customer Service

Service employees are an important part in organization's public face. Therefore it is essential that support and customer service automation is top notch. It increases the selling and cross selling.

Your web shop and website can quickly and inexpensively be integrated with Enterprise´s Cases.

If the service department also uses OnBRM, you will be able to get a 360 ° understanding of your network of customers.
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  Product management

Enterprise's product part handles both goods and services.

There is a handling of product categories, prices and discounts.

For that you can sell abroad, there is the handling of currencies and VAT for many countries. You can also enter the variable VAT rates on the invoice.

Enterprise allows you to see what customers have bought, so there may be additional sales. The service department can use previous purchases to provide an efficient service.

Using the CSV import you can import products, product categories and rates into Enterprise.

If you are using the Danish accounting system e-conomic, products, product categories and prices are imported with a click.
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  Human resource

In Enterprise the project manager can see all the team members' information.

Each team member can only see her/his own.

If a team member is subproject leader for other team members in the project, she/he can see their information, since Enterprise handles both the layers and projects within an organization.

Enterprise is therefore extremely flexible.

Enterprise handles Account, Username and Password to e-conomic and KOB for the individual user.

Enterprise handles bonuses and other promotional features..
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Social Networks

Our Enterprise version is integrated with Google+ and LinkedIn.

Enterprise helps you learn more about your contacts by letting you access their LinkedIn through your account list.

Depending on your subscription to LinkedIn, you can see more or less information about your customers in LinkedIn’s user database.

You don’t have to have the person in your LinkedIn network, because you can see your friends’ friends.

Enterprise is tightly integrated with Skype.

This saves you money on your phone bill and makes your daily life easier.

What if I need more?

More to come.

When you’re ready to upgrade, just contact us.

How do I get started?

Try a free two-week trial of OnBRM Enterprise. You can buy a subscription to our Enterprise version at any time during the trial.

If you need to transfer your data from the trial version, just contact us.

How do I get my current data into Enterprise?

If you’re currently using e-conomic, you can import data such as accounts, contacts, products, prices, and product categories with just a few clicks.

Enterprise is integrated with MS Exchange, so you can get all of your company accounts and contacts in Enterprise with just a few clicks.

If you’re storing all your data in Excel, Enterprise lets you import that as well. Using OnBRM’s import wizard, you can import company accounts, contacts, and products saved in Excel spreadsheets.

Our import wizard lets you import data from virtually any accounting system or app.

You can use OnBRM's API to import accounts, contacts, products, orders and offers into OnBRM

If you want more information about using the API, contact Presys A/S.

If you’re using KrakMarkedsdata, you can export your company account information to a CSV file, then import it using OnBRM’s wizard.

If you’re using KOB-OPEN, you can import your data directly through the internet. You can use KOB-OPEN’s search features, as they’re directly built into our Enterprise version.

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