Getting Started


How do I get started?


First, you need a subscription to OnBRM. This can be either a trial or paid subscription.

You can get a two-week free trial subscription by clicking on Two-Week Free Trial or Google Apps Marketplace.

If you subscribe through Google Apps Marketplace you have Single Sign-On with all apps in the Google Apps for Business.

There are no downloads.

The trial subscription is Small Business.

You can change the version of the two-week free trial subscription in OnBRM's employee module.

You can learn more about the different versions by clicking on "Products" or "Version Comparison" under "Versions" on "Home" .

Gmail/Google Apps or MS Exchange

To use OnBRM's e-mail and calendar system you must have a Gmail, Google Apps, Google Apps for Business or MS Exchange account (2003 eller 2007).

This is because OnBRM uses Gmail / Google Apps and / or MS Exchange as database.

You give OnBRM access to your Gmail / Google Apps by authorizing OnBRM to Gmail / Google Apps.

This is done by clicking on

If your company uses MS Exchange, but you do not know your account info, you can contact your company's help desk or network administrator for help.

You can learn how to add MS Exchange account information in OnBRM by either looking at OnBRM's help system or at the menu item "Apps" and "MS Exchange".


OnBRM is integrated with Google+.

Clicking on in OnBRM's "Home" you can authorize OnBRM to Google+.

Contacts in Google+ can with a few clicks be imported into OnBRM as contacts, leads and cases.

The contacts may come from circles, posts, comments on posts, YouTube and Hangouts.

The contacts' Google ID are stored in OnBRM.

You can both use this in your direct selling, partner sales and shop.

You can from OnBRM use Google+ and "active posts" to share information with your Google+ contacts.

With analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google+ Platform Insights, you can see how your marketing channels work together to create sales.

Google Drive

OnBRM is integrated with Google Drive.

You can save a reference to a document at Google Drive in OnBRM with a few clicks.

You are keeping order in your documents that you share with your coworkers and customers.

You can learn more in "Google Drive and Maps.


You can two-way integrate OnBRM with the Danish accounting system e-conomic.

You need an account with e-conomic. You can get a paid subscription or a free trial.

The integration requires no downloads.

What you gain from the integration, and and how you add your e-conomic account information in OnBRM, you can see under the Apps and "e-conomic".


You can integrate OnBRM with KOB’s database, KOB-OPEN.

KOB-OPEN contains key data for all Danish companies, including foreign-owned companies.

You need a subscription to KOB-OPEN to be able to utilize KOB’s database.


You can integrate OnBRM with D&B.

You can import both companies and contacts from D&B using many search criteria.

D&B's database contains companies and contacts from over 240 countries.

You must have a subscription to D&B to use D&B's database.

You can in the menu bar under the Apps and "D&B" see how you integrate D&B in OnBRM.

Excel and CSV

You can use CSV (Comma-Separated Values​​) to import accounts, contacts, products and product groups into OnBRM,among others from Excel and contact databases.

OnBRM has CSV wizards that make it easy.

OnBRM has duplicate handling when importing from D&B, CSV and e-conomic.


OnBRM is integrated with LinkedIn.

All you need is a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn contacts in OnBRM.

You can learn more in “LinkedIn” under the Apps menu.


OnBRM is integrated with Skype.

All you need is a Skype account to use Skype directly from OnBRM.

You can learn more in “Skype” under the Apps menu.

Google Map

OnBRM is integrated with Google Map.

You don’t need to have a Google account to use Google features in OnBRM.

You can learn more in “Google” under the Apps menu.


There is an OnBRM app for iPhone and Android. They’re free.

To use the iPhone app, go to on your iPhone.

You’ll see the OnBRM login screen.

Press “+” at the bottom of the screen. Select “Add Bookmark” if you want to add OnBRM as a bookmark, or select “Add to Home Screen” if you want to add OnBRM as an icon on your home screen.

To use OnBRM on your Android phone, go to on your Android phone.

You’ll see the OnBRM login screen.

Using the bookmark feature, you can add OnBRM as a bookmark. On many Android phones you can also add a shortcut to OnBRM to the home screen.

You can learn more about how OnBRM works with smartphones in “Smartphones” under the Apps menu.

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