Google Apps™

You have two-way integration with Gmail, Google Apps and Google Apps for Business with OnBRM.

OnBRM is using OpenID together with Google Apps and OnBRM can be purchased on Google Apps Marketplace.

OnBRM, Google Apps and your smartphone has immediately the same emails, appointments, and tasks available without you synchronize.

Appointments created as Hangouts appears automatically in OnBRM's calendar.

Your contacts with accounts at Google can be seen in OnBRM and imported with a click into OnBRM's contact and account modules. This also applies to contacts formed from your Inbox in Gmail.

You can use your existing Gmail, Google Apps or Google Apps for Business.

OnBRM is integrated with Google Docs. You can see more under "Google Docs and Maps".


Gmail and Google Apps

OnBRM is two-way integrated with Gmail, Google Apps and Google Apps for Business.

Therefore, you have direct access to Google emails, contacts, appointments and tasks through OnBRM.

To get OnBRM to run with your current account to Google Apps or Gmail, you simply authorize OnBRM to use your Gmail / Google Apps.

It takes a few clicks and you can learn where and how it's done in the "How do I authorize OnBRM to access my Gmail or Google Apps".

OnBRM is using OpenID together with Google Apps and OnBRM can be purchased on Google Apps Marketplace.

What gives the integration me?

Once you have authorized OnBRM to use your Gmail or Google Apps, all appointments, tasks, emails and contacts you have in Gmail / Google Apps will be available in OnBRM.

All appointments, tasks and e-mails that you create in an app that uses Google Apps as database will show up immediately in all other apps that use Google Apps as database.

Therefore, if you create an appointment in OnBRM, it will appear instantly without sync on your smartphone if your smartphone is using Gmail or Google Apps.

The appointment may also be viewed immediately on your calendar in Gmail.


You can with a few clicks import contacts from Gmail and Google Apps to OnBRM and vice versa.

Contacts from OnBRM can be exported to Gmail and Google Apps.

As Gmail/Google Apps displays the sender of an incoming e-mail as a contact, you can one-click import and create new contacts in OnBRM on the basis of your emails in your inbox.

You can in OnBRM associate your appointments and tasks on both contacts and sales activities as quotes and orders.

When you create an appointment in the "My Contacts", the appointment will be attached to the contact. When you click on in your calendar under "Upcoming Events" you will go to this appointment in "My Contacts"


You can one-click import incoming emails into OnBRM under the contact who sent you the email.

The emails that you send to a contact is automatically saved under the contact.

Therefore you will gain control of your communications with your contacts.

How do I authorize OnBRM to access my Gmail or Google Apps

You give OnBRM access to your Gmail / Google Apps account by authorizing OnBRM to Gmail / Google Apps. This is done with a few clicks.

You can do this by clicking on in OnBRM's "Home".

You can both handle multiple sender addresses on your Google account and many accounts.

Contact Presys A / S, if you have problems with the setup.

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