What gives Google Maps with OnBRM me?

OnBRM is integrated with Google Maps.

You do not need to create an account with Google to use Google Maps.

You can from OnBRM use Google Maps to access maps and driving directions.

Maps and Driving Directions

Both on your smartphone and browser you skip to Google Maps when you click on an address in OnBRM

As the customer visits, meetings and tasks in OnBRM's calendar schedule contains addresses, this function can be used in your daily work.

There is no need anymore to spell to strange addresses and guess the zip codes to find your way to the customer on your smartphone.

You can also see the traffic situation on route and weather conditions at the customer.

Small talk

Weather conditions can also use when you call the customer as small talk.

Google Drive

OnBRM is integrated with Google Drive.

You can save a reference to a document at Google Drive in OnBRM with a few clicks.

You can see the documents that you have access to at Google Drive by clicking in the OnBRM, and then you can import them, you want to have in OnBRM.

Google Drive is used in lists "Documents".

You can with Google Drive create reports, dashboards with speedometers and other business intellegence by using the OnBRM's API of web services.

You are keeping order in your documents that you share with your coworkers and customers.

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