Human Resource

OnBRM is bidirectional integrated with Gmail/Google Apps, MS Exchange, e-conomic, D&B and KOB-OPEN.

You must add the account information for e-conomic, D&B and KOB-OPEN in OnBRM's employee module to create the integration.

You must add the account information for MS Exchange in "E-mail and calendar settings" in the menu bar under Home.

There is no setup for Gmail/Google Apps in OnBRM.

You can change the version in the employee module.

You must register who an employee reports to in the employee module.

You can change passwords for users in the employee module.



OnBRM includes HR functions that make it easily and efficiently to manage accounts, contacts and activities such as leads.

There are also HR functions to handle integrations as e-conomic, Gmail/Google Apps and MS Exchange.

Internal HR functions

OnBRM includes HR functions for handling internal OnBRM functions as:

  • Security
  • Reporting
  • Ownership of activities
  • Teamwork
  • Master data
  • Salary, commission and target
  • Version Change


So that no unauthorized person can see your information, you must use your username and password to access OnBRM.

User name and password is a must on your smartphone.

Because if you lose your smartphone, no unauthorized can get access to your information without knowing the username and password.


All versions require that an employee reports to an employee in OnBRM.

The project manager should report to himself while the other employees should report to their project manager or team leader.

Although one in Team reports to a project manager, both the project manager and the team members can see each other's information.

Other versions
In the other versions, the project manager can see the team members' information, but they cannot see each other's or the project manager's information.

Ownership of activities

You must enter at least one employee as owner of a business, contact, product, product group, lead, opportunity or other activities.

Because of this ownership, you see only your own leads, opportunities, etc. on your smartphone.

If you saw all the other employees' activities on your smartphone, you would drown in information.


You can assign one or more of your colleagues to a contact, a lead or other activities.

Once you've done that, you can all see the contact, the lead and the other activities. Also on your own smartphone.

You are therefore currently working as a team on this activity.

In the Team version can all see each other's information, so it is also useful in this version?

yes, because the smartphone app shows only the information that you are the owner of.

The lists "My own" on the front page Home also follows these rules.

Master data

OnBRM contains, besides username and password master data as:

  • Titles, position and job description
  • Date of employment
  • Personal information such as address, phone number and sex
  • Workplace
  • Tasks

Salary, commission and target

You can instantly see what you have earned in commissions and compare it with the target on both your smartphone and browser, as OnBRM handles salary, commission and target.

Version Change

You can change the version in the employee module. This applies to both a trial and a production version.

Please log in again after a version change.

HR management of integrations

OnBRM is integrated with many apps that require information such as username and password to use them.

This information is handled in OnBRM's employee module.

MS Exchange

You can use Outlook, your smartphone and OnBRM for handling emails, calendar, contacts and tasks.

You always have the same information in all three apps without synchronization.

This is because OnBRM is bidirectional integrated with MS Exchange.

If you wish to use MS Exchange, you must create an account in MS Exchange.

How you can add this MS Exchange account to OnBRM, you can see here.


If you wish to use e-conomic together with OnBRM, you must enter the account no., user-ID and password you use with your e-conomic in OnBRM's employee module.

Therefore you must have an account with e-conomic to get a two-way integration with e-conomic.

The account can be a demo or your real account.

You can learn more about e-conomic, and how to integrate OnBRM with e-conomic here.


Please contact D&B in your country, so they can tell which subscription that matches your needs.

You must enter your D&B Account, D&B Username, D&B Password and D&B API key in the employee module.


Please contact Experian/KOB-OPEN for getting an account

You must add your customer number, username and password to this account in the employee module.

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