OnBRM's Joomla component

Presys A/S has developed an Open Source component for Joomla.

The component has been approved by the Joomla project.

Worldwide, only a few components that integrate CRM systems with web shops is approved by the Joomla project.

The component enables lead generation and creation of cases from your shop, so that your sales will increase and your customer service will be strengthened.

Leads and cases are saved in OnBRM's database.

Since the component is open source, you can customize it to your shop's specific needs without payment or permission of Presys A/S.

It only requires small changes in your shop or CMS to use the component.

Simply add it to your current environment and add a few fields.

If you want new screenshots to your shop for better use of the component functions, it is also a small task.

The component uses OnBRM's API.

What new features gives the component to my shop?


You can store contact information and products from your shop in OnBRM's database.

You can follow all of your sales from leads generation to billing in OnBRM.

You can make follow-up on your leads from your shop with e-mails and phone in OnBRM.

You can let your leads be part of your campaigns in OnBRM's campaign module.

You can book an appointment from your shop with date and time where the customer says, when she / he wants to meet with you or can be contacted.

Since you can assign a product to the individual lead, you know what product your customer wants to talk about or order.


You can store contact information and products to a case entered through your shop in OnBRM's database.

The customer can tell the date and time when she / he wants you to come or she / he may be contacted.

Your customers can also tell where the product is. It need not be at the customer's own address.

You can make follow up on cases with both email and phone.

Business opportunities for developers

If you are a developer and want to improve your own or your customers' shop through integration with a CRM system then OnBRM together with Joomla are a good choice.

You can quickly design and develop new screens to a shop with Joomla, and you can use OnBRM's components to access a CRM system.

You can change OnBRM's components or develop new components if needed.

You can develop completely new user-specific screens for OnBRM where you use OnBRM's component or code new components.

Many of OnBRM's users want it.

If the new screens and components are general or industry-specific, they can be reused, and you can sell them to other customers also internationally.

Takeout, Carry-out and Take-away

An example of how one can improve a shop is:

Many take-aways do not give their customers the option of telling the date and time for when the customers want to get their food.

You can quickly develop this function and integrate it in a shop using Joomla, OnBRM's component and OnBRM.

How do I get started?

You must have an account at Presys A/S to use OnBRM's API and the Joomla component.

It can be either a trial account created by registering as a trial user here, or a paid account you can create here.

You then get a username and a password which you must enter in the Joomla component's administration page after you have installed it.

The OnBRM pages "OnBRM Lead" and "OnBRM Case" must then be added to a menu on your Joomla website.

Your username will be used to login in OnBRM.

It will also be used as the owner of the leads, cases, contacts and accounts created in OnBRM.

You can download the Joomla component here:

Download Joomla! Component

If you have problems using the Joomla component, please feel free to contact Presys A/S.

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