What gives LinkedIn together with OnBRM me?

Combining LinkedIn with OnBRM you will gain an improved understanding of:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Experts
  • Competitors


You will improve your outreach sales and customer visits, because you can more easily find information on both your existing contacts and new prospects in LinkedIn.

You can see who to contact at the client, and you can see who are the stakeholders and decision makers about your product.

Clicking on a contact in "My contacts" in OnBRM, you will see the contact's profile in LinkedIn.

Depending on your subscription with LinkedIn and your degree of connections to this contact, you will see more or less of the profile.


Clicking on a company in "My accounts" the company's profile is shown.

You may go further in LinkedIn and see more information about the company.

You can for example see the employees in the company, established in LinkedIn.

These contacts can be used as new leads.

Clicking on an account in OnBRM contacts appear in LinkedIn, that you do not already know.

These contacts can be used as new leads.


You can use LinkedIn to find experts who can advise you in your service and support to your customers.

You can also use LinkedIn to see which consultants, your customer uses, so you can contact them for cooperation towards the customer.


You can use LinkedIn to see who are your competitors at the individual customer.

You can see which employees who are contacts for the competitor.

You can see this by clicking on a company in OnBRM and then check who the competitor has as a connection with the firm.

Who will benefit from using LinkedIn with OnBRM

LinkedIn with OnBRM is a must for you and your company if you seek out prospects or are visiting clients.

LinkedIn with OnBRM can be used in all industries, and your company's size does not matter.

LinkedIn, D&B and OnBRM together

If you also use D&B, you can with a few clicks get new prospects, and you can see who you know in the firm with LinkedIn.

Which OnBRM version should I use?

All versions have access to LinkedIn through a click on an account in OnBRM.

Which subscription should I have at LinkedIn?

You can use OnBRM with all subscription plans at LinkedIn.

You will, depending on subscription type at LinkedIn, look more or less deeply into LinkedIn's contact database.

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