OnBRM combines nimbly social media with traditional CRM.

OnBRM supports besides telephone, letter and e-mail campaigns also engagement marketing, viral campaigns and events with hangouts.

Using OnBRM you go from impersonal one-way communication to personal and engaged two-dimensional communication with active listening.

It's easy to import leads, contacts and companies from many sources.

Besides you with a click can import contacts with their URLs into OnBRM Google+ handles OnBRM URLs from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

OnBRM Enterprise and Premier have a full fledged marketing module with good selection opportunities to target the right prospects.

Suitable for both single projects and teams consisting of many employee groups.


What is OnBRM's marketing module?

OnBRM's marketing module is a multi-channel communication tool that handles both traditional campaing types which impersonally seek to create attention and campaign types based on social media that create a personal, mutual and engaged interest between you and the contact.

OnBRM is integrated with the best tools like D&B, so you can analyze and select customers into segments based on numerous parameters.

Therefore, you can target your message so you only send the message to the relevant customers and prospects.

With analytical tools such as Google Analytics, you can see how your marketing channels work together to create sales.

OnBRM supports the following marketing channels:

  • Engagement marketing
  • viral
  • Events and Hangouts
  • email
  • Telemarketing
  • Letters

Engagement marketing

You can easily go from impersonal attention as in a lead to engaged interest between you and your contacts as in a opportunity when using interactive posts on Google+.

You create a shared opportunity to tell each other who you truly are, what you offer and what the customer wants in a interactive post, while an impersonal sales email or letter is often perceived as boasting and spam.

You can get your new contacts and their URLs into OnBRM with a click as OnBRM is integrated with Google+.

OnBRM handles URLs from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

You should use these URLs when you want to share posts with your contacts and customers.


You must use your contacts' user IDs on Google+ or their e-mail addresses when you want to create viral campaigns with interactive posts.

As the user IDs are stored together with the contact in OnBRM, you can select which ones you want to use in a campaign based on many parameters.

You can send interactive posts to 10 contacts at a time through Google+ from your website or app.

The success of a viral campaign depends on how many people that will forward your original post with a positive comment or performs the action you want such as visits your website.

Therefore, the message and gaze you return about your product be so open and attractive that others engage in your campaign.

You can make follow-up on the spread of your posts with Google Analytics and Google+ Platform Insights.

New contacts that respond to your invitation in a viral campaign, you can get into OnBRM with a click.

If you put the +1 button on your posts, you know that the contacts that click on +1 are no longer a lead but an interested opportunity in your product.

You can invite your new opportunities, even if they don't use Google+ to en event. People you invite who don't use Google+ will be able to see the event details and say whether they're interested.

As a side benefit to the many clicks on +1, you get a good rating on Google's SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so you more often show up in searches on Google.

Google+ Events with Hangouts

You can create totally different catchy campaigns using Hangout apps on Google+.

This campaign type allows for completely new and exciting user experiences as group video meetings with up to 10 of your opportunities at a time. These meetings may additionally be arranged and held more flexible and affordable than traditional client meetings.

You can use OnBRM's integration with Google Drive during the meeting, for example to an offer.

You can at these meetings talk about your background, how you and your offer gives the participants benefits, and you can position yourself as an authority in your field.

Your hangout meeting is automatically saved to your YouTube account so that the meeting can be reused in other campaigns and your website.

The agreed meeting time will be automatically inserted into your OnBRM calendar so you are in control of your meetings.


Of course you can also make traditional one-way campaigns through OnBRM.

It's simple to create an email campaign, and you can use D&B to segment your contacts.

You can also create new contacts and companies through D&B.

OnBRM is integrated with the most popular email editor CKEditor. The you can use to make your emails.

You can in OnBRM's email module link the campaign that you created in the campaign module to the email and with one click send the email to the selected customers.


You can use D&B to do canvassing telemarketing campaigns by importing companies' and key persons' phone numbers into OnBRM.

You can use OnBRM's selection options to segment the prospects.

If you use Skype, you can call from OnBRM with a click.


You can create lists of items that you create from OnBRM.

You can use these lists to mail merge with Word.


Enterprise and Enterprise Premier have reports that show the progress of a campaign and its activities.

You can follow the progress from lead generation to closure of an order.

Each participant in a campaign can view the status and progress of her/his activities.

With analytical tools like Google Analytics, you can see how your marketing channels work together to create sales.

Which version should I choose?

All versions support Google+ and thus import contacts from Google+.

All versions handles URLs from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Only Enterprise and Enterprise Premier includes a campaign module, where you may create traditional campaigns, engagement campaigns and viral campaigns.

How do I get leads and other data into OnBRM??

If you’re using D&B, you can import accounts and contacts. You can use many of D&B’s search features, as they’re directly built into Enterprise and Enterprise Premier.

You can import Danish accounts from KOB-OPEN/Experian.

You can import contacts and companies from Gmail, Google Apps og Google+.

If you’re using e-conomic, you can import data such as accounts and contacts with just a few clicks from e-conomic.

If you’re storing all your data in Excel, OnBRM lets you import that as well. Using OnBRM’s import wizard, you can import accounts and contacts saved in Excel.

OnBRM's import wizard lets you import data from virtually any accounting system or app.

You can import accounts and contacts from MS Exchange.

How can we work together?

You can work alone on a marketing project, but you can also be many working together as a team.

In Enterprise and Enterprise Premier, several employee groups and organizations may work together on a marketing project.

Enterprise and Enterprise Premier are linking all participants in a campaign together in a network that works as a project with activities.

Each participant in the project gets her/his own space, which includes the relevant tools. It may be the design of emails and interactive post, segmentation of customers, calls to prospects, events with hangouts or follow-up.

To help you stay organized Enterprise and Enterprise Premier can show you all project activities and their current status in a Gantt chart.


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