CRM is not just a simple contact management but a tool that develops engagement to each customer, and it requires a CRM system that is tightly integrated with many relevant apps.

OnBRM is integrated with apps that along with OnBRM actually puts the customer first in a two-way dialogue.

You are welcome to contact OnBRM if you want to develop a new app or come up with ideas or suggestions for new integrations.

You can contact us on Google+.

On Google Drive you can find many apps that can enhance the usefulness of OnBRM.


Gmail, Google Apps and MS Exchange

CRM needs a calender and e-mail system.

Therefore, OnBRM is two-way integrated with both Gmail, Google Apps and MS Exchange.

If you have linked OnBRM to Gmail or Google Apps all appointments, tasks and e-mails you make in one app that uses Gmail or Google Apps, show up immediately in all other apps that use Gmail and Google Apps.

If you have linked OnBRM to MS Exchange, the same will happen only in relation to MS Exchange.

If your smartphone uses Gmail, Google Apps or MS Exchange, an appointment that was created on your smartphone, show up immediately in OnBRM's calendar system.

If you create an appointment in the "My Contacts", the appointment will be saved both under the contact and in the calendar.

Later, when you click on in the calendar, this appointment opens with further information about the contact in the "My Contacts"


CRM with Google+ (Google Plus) improves your sales, marketing and customer service dramatically.

OnBRM is integrated with Google+.

You can from OnBRM use Google+ to develop engagement with your Google+ contacts.

Contacts in Google+ can with a few clicks be imported into OnBRM as contacts, leads and cases.

If you integrate Google+ with your website and use OnBRM, you get Google+ contacts into OnBRM.

When you integrate Google+ with your website, you can by using OnBRM's API further strengthen your website.


CRM integrated with an accounting system facilitates the daily work of sales representatives noticeably.

Therefore, OnBRM is two way integrated with the Danish accounting system e-conomic.

You can plan and execute a customer visit with quotations and invoicing on both your browser, iPhone and Android phone in an integrated environment.

When you give an offer or close an order, you can create and edit the quote/order with with a few clicks in OnBRM.

You can then export the quote/order with a click to e-conomic.

If you use D&B together with OnBRM, you can see accounts and other indicators for your businesses.


CRM must be integrated with a global information provider if you have or want customers and suppliers abroad.

OnBRM is integrated with D&B because you gain:

  • Possibility of importing companies and contacts in over 240 countries
  • Automatic creation of customers and prospects
  • Time savings by updating the customer database

If you combine D&B's information with contacts from Google+, your engagement and viral marketing will be crisp,


KOB-OPEN combined with OnBRM gives you a possibility for import of all companies in Denmark.


LinkedIn together with OnBRM gives you a better understanding of:

  • Contacts
  • Experts
  • Competitors


Skype combined with OnBRM gives you:

  • Cheaper telephony
  • Texting from your browser
  • Chat and Video

Google Maps

When you use OnBRM with Google Maps, you do not have to spell to addresses or guess postcodes in Google Maps in order to find your way to customers.

Simply click on the contact's address in OnBRM, then you jumps to the address in Google Maps. Then you find your way to the customer with Google Maps.

You can do this on both your smartphone and your browser.


Now you can benefit from your smartphone's fancy features to facilitate and boost your sales.

You can phone, texting and email to your entire network of customers, suppliers and colleagues without wasting time searching for telephone numbers and email addresses that are not listed on your smartphone's contacts.

You can create and edit an offer / invoice with a few clicks on your smartphone because all customer information such as a company, contact, product, pricing and discounts are available or automatically inserted.

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