MS Exchange

OnBRM is two way integrated with MS Exchange 2003 and 2007.

OnBRM, Outlook and your smartphone have immediately the same appointments, tasks and messages available without synchronization.

You can use your existing MS Exchange account. It must be be able to run OWA. POP3 is not sufficient.

There are no downloads. Simply add your MS Exchange account to OnBRM.

MS Exchange can be maintained in your own premises or at a hosting company.


MS Exchange integration

OnBRM is two way integrated with MS Exchange because OnBRM is using MS Exchange as a database.

To get OnBRM to run with your current MS Exchange account, you must add your MS Exchange account information in OnBRM.

You can in the column "How do I add my MS Exchange account to OnBRM" learn how to do it.

If you do not have an MS Exchange account, you can create one with a hosting company.

What gives the integration me?

Once you've added your MS Exchange account to your OnBRM, all appointments, tasks, emails and contacts you have stored in MS Exchange will be available in OnBRM.

All appointments, tasks and e-mails you make in an app that uses MS Exchange as a database will show up immediately in all other apps that use MS Exchange as database.

Therefore, if you create an appointment in OnBRM it will appear immediately without synchronization on your smartphone if the smartphone uses MS Exchange as database.

The appointment will also show up immediately without synchronization in Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web App) if they use MS Exchange as database.

You do not need to synchronize appointments, tasks and e-mails anymore. They are always the same in all apps, because all apps use the same MS Exchange database.

Appointments, tasks and emails that you create in OnBRM are stored in OnBRM where you created them.

You can attach your appointments and tasks on both the relevant contact and the relevant sales activities.

For example if you create an appointment in "My Contacts", the appointment will be attached to the specific contact. When you click on in your calender, you will jump down to this appointment in "My Contacts".

You therefore have all the information about the contact available in an intuitive and simple manner.

You may under e-conomic in the section "How can I use e-conomic/OnBRM?" learn more about how you can use the integration between MS Exchange and OnBRM in your daily work.

You can with one click import the received e-mails into OnBRM under the contact who sent the mail.

Sent e-mails are automatically saved in the contact receiving the e-mail.

You will have control of your communications with your contacts.

You can with a few clicks import and export contacts from MS Exchange to OnBRM.

How do I add my MS Exchange account to OnBRM

If you do not have a Hosted Exchange account, you can create an account with a hosting firm.

Find current account information

If your company uses MS Exchange, but you do not know if you have an email account or how to use it, you should contact your company's help desk or network administrator for help.

You can yourself see your account information in OWA (Outlook Web App), on your iPhone or Android phone.


You have been given the following account information to OWA from your Hosted Exchange provider:

  • The server's name
  • Your username
  • Your password

The server's name
You must in the field "Server Name" add the web address you have been sent from your Hosted Exchange provider.

The server name is the URL between https:// and / owa / auth ....

Your Username
In OnBRM you must in the field "Username" add the email address which you are using to log into OWA.

Your password
In OnBRM you must in the field "Password" add your password for OWA.


On your iPhone you can find your account information by going to Settings.

There click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

Then click on your current account. You can only use account information if it says "Exchange ActiveSync".

Then click on Account Info You can now view your account information.

Android phone

On your Android phone you can find your account information by first going into the email app.

Click on the menu, and then choose Settings, click the account name, scroll down to "Server Settings" and select "Incoming Settings".

You can only use the account information if it says "Domain \ Username". Then it is an MS Exchange account.

How do I add MS Exchange account information to OnBRM

  1. You must in OnBRM either click the "E-mail and Calendar settings" in the sub menu bar when you are in "Home" or the "Add Account".
  2. The account must have a name. You can give it any name you want.
  3. The first account is automatically set to the default account, so this field, you do not have to fill.
  4. Exchange Server is the webmail address, e.g. at TDC Hosting.
  5. Username is your username for the MS Exchange account. Your username will often be the same as the email address, but at some hosting providers e.g. TDC Hosting the email address is not used as username.
  6. Password is your password for the account.
  7. Exchange Mailbox is the email address.
The remaining fields do not change if you have a Hosted Exchange account at TDC. You can use the names that are deployed in advance. They are:
  • Domain is the Windows domain for Exchange server. It is HOSTING for TDC.
  • Exchange Root Context is usually "/exchange/".
  • You only need to fill in the LDAP server field with the server's Internet name, if you have access to a LDAP server. Only if the server is running in your own company, and is configured with LDAP access, you have access.
  • WebDAV Port is 443, if the connection is via HTTPS. If it is HTTP (without S) it is 80.
  • Select the correct WebDAV authorization, probably "Forms-based".
  • Select the right WebDAV protocol, probably HTTPS.

Contact Presys A/S, if you have problems with the setup.

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