Product Management

Effective product and stock management is essential for the completion of tasks by sales, support, and service staff . Only successful staff can produce new sales, additional sales, and resale.


Product Management

OnBRM contains the following features for product management:

  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Prices
  • Knowledge Database
  • Contacts
  • Correspondence
  • Purchase
  • Stock Control


Products can be both goods and services.

You can specify accessories for product.

A product may consist of several parts.

OnBRM handles competitor products.


OnBRM handles prices, discounts, quantity discounts and currencies for a product.

You can have different prices in different currencies on the same product in the same period. You do not need to create the same product multiple times.

If you use e-conomic you can with one click import price adjustments from e-conomic.

You can also use the CSV import in OnBRM or OnBRM's API to import price adjustments on products in OnBRM.

Knowledge Database

You can attach documents such as specifications, manual and regulations to a product.


You can assign suppliers and producers with their contacts for a product.

You can have contact information such as workplace, phone numbers and email address.


Enterprise has a smaller purchase module.

There will soon be released web services that enable ordering and purchasing products from a supplier over the Internet.

Stock Control

Enterprise manages stock control, ie. number of products in stock and delivery time.

There will soon be released web services that can import information about stock and delivery from warehouse management systems.


If your company outsources parts of its sales to partners or have many suppliers then Enterprise is effective.

You can easily work together on each product across departments and companies.

The cooperation of all stakeholders takes place through the cloud.

Browser and smartphone

You can use both the browser version and the smartphone app for handling products.

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