You get a quick and high return on your investment in your valuable customers through increased sales.

OnBRM supports direct selling, sales through your web shop and partner sales.

You can complete the entire sales from lead generation to closure of an order with billing and contract.

You can complete the entire sales both in your browser and on your smartphone.

You can one-click export an order to e-conomic.

You can export an order to other accounting systems with a wizard or OnBRM's API.


What gives OnBRM's sales module me?

Help you to a quick return on your investment in your valuable customers through increased sales.

You can complete the entire sales from lead generation to closure of an order with billing and establishment of a contract.

supports both direct selling, sales through web shops and patner sales.

If you use e-conomic you can one-click export an order to e-conomic, both from a browser and smartphone.

Using OnBRM's API you can integrate most accounting systems with OnBRM.

You can export an order to accounting systems using a CSV wizard.

You have an overview of where you are in the sales process to each client.

Your time spent on analysis, preparation for meetings and other office work decreases. You get more time for direct selling, so that both your commission and your company's profits increase.

Sales Pipeline

In OnBRM the sale is handled as a project divided into defined steps and activities:

  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Quote
  • Order/Customer
  • Contract


A lead is similar to a business card or e-mail address.

A lead contains among others information about the client company, contacts, product, calendar appointments and emails.

You need to upgrade a lead to an opportunity when the customer begins to show interest in your product.

You can with a click convert a lead to an opportunity.


An opportunity provides additional information as possible magnitude of the trade.

You need to upgrade an opportunity to a quote when you go into negotiations with the customer.

You can with a few clicks convert an opportunity into a quote or an order.


A quote contains additional information as the number of products, prices and discounts.

You can send a quote to the customer as a PDF.

You need to upgrade a quote to an order when the customer wishes to complete the deal.


An order contains largely the same information as a quote.

You can one-click export an order to e-conomic.

If the customer does not exist as a debtor in e-conomic, the debtor is created automatically.

If one or more of the products sold are not found in e-conomic, they are automatically created in e-conomic.

If you use another accounting system, you can export an order to the system using a CSV wizard in OnBRM or OnBRM's API.


You can create a contract with the customer.

The contract may include related documents, signers, amount, start date, and expiration date.

You can create subcontracts to the main contract.

Other ways of working

You do not have to work with all the steps in the sales pipeline.

You can just create a quote / order directly from a lead and / or a contact. It can be done with a click.


You can graphically and instantly see how your sales are.

Team Sales

Everyone can see everything in Team.

You can see the progress of your colleagues' selling and who they're selling to.

In order to work together as a team in Small Business and Enterprise, you must connect your colleagues to a step in the sales pipeline. This is done with a click.

You can regularly choose how many employees' selling tasks you want to see in my lists on the front page "Home".


You can have many contacts at a customer.

You have all relevant information about a contact available in both OnBRM's browser version and in OnBRM on your smartphone.

Information is among other work place, phone numbers and email address.

You have always and everywhere all correspondence, meetings and tasks with the contact available with a few clicks.

You have always and immediately the same appointments, emails and tasks in Outlook, on your smartphone and OnBRM.

You can on your smartphone create, modify and delete any information.

Sales in your browser and on your smartphone

You can complete the entire sales both in your browser and on your the smartphone.

Social Networks

OnBRM is integrated with Google+ and LinkedIn.

When you click on a company in OnBRM LinkedIn displays your current LinkedIn contacts at the company in question. Clicking on the LinkedIn contact linkedIn displays the contact's profile.

This search also shows LinkedIn contacts that you do not already know. These contacts can be used as new leads.

No more cold calls.

OnBRM is integrated with Skype.

How do I get data?

If you’re using D&B, you can import companies and contacts. You can use many search features.

You can import Danish companies from KOB-OPEN/Experian.

If you’re currently using e-conomic, you can import data such as accounts, contacts, products with just a few clicks from e-conomic.

If you’re storing all your data in Excel, OnBRM lets you import that as well. Using OnBRM’s import wizard, you can import company accounts, contacts, products saved in Excel spreadsheets.

OnBRM's import wizard lets you import data from virtually any accounting system or app.

OnBRM is integrated with Gmail/Google Apps and MS Exchange, so you can get all of your company accounts and contacts into OnBRM with just a few clicks.


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