Customer Service

You can implement effective customer service and support.

You can integrate your web shop's customer service and support with OnBRM.

You will improve your reputation among your customers.

You have all the files and contact information on your smartphone.

You can build a long term relationship with the customer and improve after-sales.


Effective customer service and support

It is important that your customers feel that they get a helpful and competent service when you are dealing with their case.

If your customer service is not effective, you and your business will get a bad reputation and eventually lose sales and resale.

For avoiding a bad reputation, you can use OnBRM's:

  • Case Processing
  • API for Integration with your Shop
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Database

Case Processing

You can in OnBRM's case part register, where your product is placed at the customer.

You can register the problems that have been with the product and how they were resolved.

You can record customer contacts, vendor contacts and who is the contact on the case with you.

API for Integration with your Shop

OnBRM has an API so that you can integrate your webshob with OnBRM.

You can through this API store contact information and products to a case entered through your shop into OnBRM's database.

The customer can tell the date and time when she / he wants you to come or she / he may be contacted.

Your customers can also tell where the product is placed. It need not be at the customer's own address.

Presys A/S has developed an Open Source component for Joomla.

This component uses OnBRM's API.

If your shop is designed in Joomla, you can use this component to integrate your shop with OnBRM.

If your shop uses a different CMS than Joomla, you can use this component as an example of how you can make an integration.


OnBRM handles contacts with manufacturers, suppliers, partners, customers and internal in your own business.

Contact details include work site, email addresses and phone numbers.


You can use OnBRM's calendar functions to register when you were at a customer and when the case was solved.

You can use OnBRM's calendar to schedule appointments.

Calendar appointments can be stored together with the case.


You can schedule and register tasks in connection with the case. They can be stored together with the case.

Document Management

The emails you send to customers and other stakeholders in connection with the case can be saved during the proceedings.

You can save Word documents on the case.

Knowledge Database

OnBRM's knowledge database includes:

  • Contracts
  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Documents about the product such as specifications.

You therefore have all the necessary information available to provide efficient customer service also on your smartphone.

Team Customer Service

Everyone can see everything in Team.

You can see the progress of your colleagues' cases and and who they have contacted.

In order to work together as a team in Small Business and Enterprise, you must connect your colleagues to the case. This is done with a click.

You can regularly choose how many employees' cases you want to see in my lists on the front page "Home".

Casework on your smartphone

You can use accounts and contacts in OnBRM smartphone app to find your way, texting, call and send emails on your smartphone.

You can view documents relating to the customer.

You can see what products the customer has bought.

You can see information about the product.

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