What gives Skype with OnBRM me?

You will with Skype and OnBRM together gain:

  • Cheaper telephony
  • Texting from your browser
  • Video Conferencing
  • Chat and Facebook.

Cheaper telephony

You can from OnBRM by clicking on a phone number or Skype Number activate Skype, if you have a Skype Account.

You do not need having the phone number as a contact in Skype. It should just be in OnBRM.

You will call to the price that your Skype subscription provides.

Texting from your browser

You can by clicking on a mobile or Skype number in OnBRM activate Skype.

You can then texting the number in your browser.

You can see the text messages you have received from the contact in Skype.

Video Conferencing

You can by clicking on a Skype number in OnBRM activate Skype and then make a video conference with the contact.

Chat and Facebook

You can by clicking on a Skype number in OnBRM activate Skype and then chat with contacts.

You can chat via Skype with the contact as a Facebook friend.

Who will benefit from using Skype with OnBRM?

If you are planning customer visits, doing outreach telemarketing or visiting customers, you and your company will achieve telephony savings and improvements in your handling of the sales.

Your service will also be improved.

The integration between Skype and OnBRM is suitable in all industries.

Smartphone App and Skype

When you click on a phone number in the smartphone app, you do not call through Skype but through your telephone operator.

Which OnBRM version should I use?

All versions except the smartphone app has access to Skype through a click on a phone or Skype number in OnBRM.

Which subscription should I use with Skype?

It depends on your company's size and whether you have international customers.

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