Team handles the common contact and customer information for you who work in teams.

Team is ideal for vendors and consultants, technicians and craftsmen with customer contact.

Team is ideal for departments in medium and large businesses.

Team is well suited for small companies where everyone will see each other's information.

Team is well suited for international companies, as Team handle variable currencies and VAT.

Team streamlines both sales and service.

Team can easily be integrated with one or more core systems and your website / webshop.


What do we get with Team?

Both in small and larger organizations is Team highly suitable for result-oriented business teams that wish to share information.

You will notice an improved efficiency in your collaboration with your colleagues, and this applies whether you are sitting at the same location, is geographically spread, or working at home.

Your customer handling will be more agile, and you will increase your sales.

Since support and service automation is optimized, the customer loyalty will increase and resale is improved.

Your website / shop can quickly and inexpensively be integrated with Team. Learn more

if you are working in a department in a large company, will Team's cheap subscription cause you do not need to implement an appropriation and budgetary procedure.

Since Team is a hosted cloud app, your IT department is not involved in the setup and operation.

You just need to set up Team for your MS Exchange or Hosted Exchange, as you do with your smartphones.

Your IT department can obviously integrate OnBRM with your core systems using OnBRM's API.

Team handles the following lines of business:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Product Management
  • Human Resource

Lines of business


If you don’t use the entire sales pipeline, you go directly to order and offer.

It can be useful when you sell to your current customers where sales can go fast.

That’s why Team lets you create orders and offers with a single click from OnBRM’s contact list.

If you are using e-conomic you can transfer an order to e-conomic with a single click from either your browser or your smartphone.

Team's integration with LinkedIn and Skype facilitates your work in the field and in the office.

To be able to deal with public institutions without extra work, Team works with EAN numbers (The EAN-location number of the public institution in Denmark). The integration with e-conomic also handles EAN numbers.
Learn more

  Customer Service Automation

Support is an important service to your customers. Therefore it is essential that support are top notch.

With Team you can both individually and in collaboration deal with your support and cases, so the customer is satisfied.

Your web shop and website can quickly and inexpensively be integrated with Team's Cases.

With an effective customer service automation increases your after-sales and cross selling.
Learn more

  Product Management

Team handles both goods and service offerings.

That’s why you can manage your consulting hours with the Team version.

Because Team can work with different currencies and prices for a single product, you can also manage your international sales.

The possibility of different prices, VAT rates and currencies for each product makes financial reporting to foreign finance departments simpel.

Team handles product categories, prices and discounts.

You can see what customers have bought. It gives you the opportunity to upsell.

Support Staff can use the previous purchases to provide an efficient service.
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  Human Resource

In the Team version can all see what the others are working on. This is also true for the project manager's activities. It's a crucial difference compared to the other versions.

Under the lists "My .." on the front page "Home", one can only see the activities you yourself own.

If you use the smartphone version, you only see the activities that you yourself own.

If other than the owner must be able to see an activity under "My.." and the smartphone, you must assign them to the activity. This is done with a few clicks.
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Social Networks

Our Team version is integrated with LinkedIn.

Team helps you learn more about your contacts by letting you access their LinkedIn through your account list.

Depending on your subscription to LinkedIn, you can see more or less information about your customers in LinkedIn’s user database.

You don’t have to have the person in your LinkedIn network, because you can see your friends’ friends.

Team is tightly integrated with Skype.

This saves you money on your phone bill and makes your daily life easier.

What if I need more?

As your network strengthened and expanded, there is a need to manage the business with new initiatives.

It can either be done by supporting the new initiatives by expanding Team with the necessary functions or by upgrading Team to a new version

The new version will often be Enterprise or Enterprise Premier. When the time comes, you may contact Presys A/S.

You can cheaply and rapidly expand Team and create new reports with Team's API, which consists of web services.

How do I get started?

Try a free two-week trial of OnBRM Enterprise. You can buy a subscription to our Team version at any time during the trial.

If you need to transfer your data from the trial version, just contact us. You can only transfer the data that Team supports.

How do I get my current data into Team?

If you’re currently using e-conomic, you can import data such as accounts, contacts, products, prices, and product categories with just a few clicks.

OnBRM is integrated with MS Exchange, so you can get all of your company accounts and contacts in Team with just a few clicks.

If you’re storing all your data in Excel, Team lets you import that as well. Using OnBRM’s import wizard, you can import company accounts, contacts, and products saved in Excel spreadsheets.

Our import wizard lets you import data from virtually any accounting system or app.

You can use OnBRM's API to import accounts, contacts, products, orders and offers into OnBRM

If you want more information about using the API, contact Presys A/S.

If you’re using the Danish KrakMarkedsdata, you can export your company account information to a CSV file, then import it using Team’s wizard.

If you’re using the Danish KOB-OPEN, you can import your data directly through the internet. You can use KOB-OPEN’s search features, as they’re directly built into our Team version.

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