My benefits of using e-conomic with OnBRM

e-conomic and OnBRM are two-way integrated.

The integration includes:

  • Orders
  • Debtors
  • Contacts
  • Products
  • Employees

You can by using OnBRM's integration with D&B check accounts and other financial ratios for companies.


When you export an order from OnBRM to e-conomic, it will be saved under your account in e-conomic.

If a client / debtor, contact, product, price or the actual order is not found in e-conomic, it is created when exporting from OnBRM to e-conomic automatically in e-conomic.

They are not created if they already exist, so you avoid duplicates.


You can import debtors from the e-conomic to OnBRM with a click.

They become accounts in OnBRM.

You can continually update addresses and telephone numbers with a click.


You can import contacts from e-conomic to OnBRM with a click.

Contacts are linked to their accounts automatically.

You can continually update addresses, email addresses and phone numbers with a click.


You can import products from e-conomic to OnBRM with a click.

Product categories and prices are automatically created.

Prices and other information can be continuously updated with a click.


You can import your employees from e-conomic to OnBRM.

Where can I use the integration between e-conomic and OnBRM?

You can use the integration between e-conomic and OnBRM in:

  • Your Direct Selling
  • Sales through your Web Shop
  • Customer Service in your Web Shop
  • Email Campaigns.

Your Direct Selling

The integration eases your workload significantly.

Because you can now plan and execute a customer visits with quotation and billing on both your browser and smartphone in an integrated environment.

You can save an order with all its information in e-conomic with one click from OnBRM.

No more tedious duplication in different systems, when you come home from the customer.

Sales through your Web Shop

You can quickly and inexpensively integrate OnBRM with your shop.

You can use Google+ and OnBRM's API for integration.

It is easy to integrate Google+ with your website.

You can one-click import contacts from Google+ into OnBRM as contacts, leads and cases.

You can then use OnBRM's approved Joomla component along with your shop.

The component captures leads, which contains contact information in addition to date and time.

You can work on the lead in your direct selling and campaigns.

Since OnBRM's API supports. NET and PHP, your developer or consultant can quickly and cheaply customize the component for Magento, Drupal, Wordpresss, Umbraco and Sitecore.

You can then integrate this component with your shop.

You can import the products and prices from e-conomic to OnBRM.

These products and their prices can later be exported to your shop through OnBRM's API.

You can retrieve orders that were completed at your shop and saved in e-conomic into OnBRM.

Customer Service in your Web Shop

You can improve your customer service automation in your shop / website by giving your customers the opportunity to ask for support and talk about problems with a product.

You can use Google+ with OnBRM's Google+ integration for this.

You know the the customer as a contact and you can keep a personal communication with the contact. You can save this conversation under the case and later find it again.

You can together with Google+ use OnBRM's Joomla component or develop new components.

When using OnBRM's Joomla component, it is a small task to develop this feature to your website, because the component can capture cases and store them in OnBRM's database.

Email Campaigns

Using OnBRM´s campaign features you can make call and mail lists based on the customers / debtors you have imported from e-conomic.

OnBRM lets you take advantage of statistics and information captured in sales to target your campaigns.

Who can use e-conomic/OnBRM?

Anyone planning customer visits, visiting customers or billing customers as a salesman, consultant, craftsman, technician or service representative can use OnBRM.

Anyone who has sales and customer service in their web shop.

The size of your firm or line of business does not matter. You can be a one man entrepreneur or a large corporation. Larger firms particularly stand to benefit from OnBRM’s team features.

How do I get started?

You’ll need access to e-economic – a 2 week trial account will do. Next, take a two-week free trial of OnBRM.

You must then in OnBRM's employee module enter your agreement no., user ID and password from e-conomic in the appropriate fields.

You can then import contacts, accounts, products, product groups and employees into OnBRM.

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