OnBRM's apps for iPhone and Android phones are free.

OnBRM is two way integrated with your iPhone's and Android phone's calendar and mail by using Gmail/Google Apps and MS Exchange.

Calendar and mails are immediately in sync across your iPhone, Android phone, Outlook, and OnBRM.

All your clients and colleagues in OnBRM are available on your iPhone or Android phone, so you can call, texting and emailing them.

OBRM is integrated with Google Map on your iPhone or Android phone.



Now you can take advantage of iPhone's and Android's smart phone features to facilitate and increase your sales.

You can phone, texting and email to your entire network of customers, suppliers and colleagues without wasting time searching for telephone numbers and email addresses that are not listed on your smartphone's contacts.

By clicking on the customer's address in OnBRM the smartphone opens an email with the address inserted.

You can create and edit a quote / invoice with a few clicks on your smartphone because all customer information as an account, contact, product, pricing and discounts are available or automatically inserted.


When you give a quotation or close an order, you can export the offer / order with a click to e-conomic.

Now the order is in e-conomic, and you can work with it as you are accustomed to when it suits you.

You can send the offer / order as a pdf to your customers.

MS Exchange

OnBRM is two way integrated with MS Exchange because OnBRM is using MS Exchange as database.

If your Outlook and smartphone are using MS Exchange as database, your calendar and emails are always in sync across OnBRM, Outlook and your smartphone.

You can use the MS Exchange account that you already use today. This applies whether you have it at a hosting company or yourself.

You will have no extra cost or trouble with data.

Setting up the iPhone

You can access the iPhone app by going to on your iPhone.

Then you get the OnBRM login screen on your iPhone.

You can press the '+' at the bottom of the screen and select 'Add Bookmark', if you want to add OnBRM as a bookmark on your iPhone, or the 'Add to Home Screen' if you want to add OnBRM as an icon on your iPhone home screen.

Setting up the Android Phone

You can access the Android app by going to on your mobile.

Then you get the OnBRM login screen on your phone.

From the browser's menu choose the function 'Save to bookmarks' to add OnBRM to the bookmark list.

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