Small Business

Small Business streamlines sales and service.

Small Business can be quickly and cost effectively integrated with your website or web shop.

Small Business is well suited to entrepreneurs and small-sized companies.

For job seekers are Small Business and its integration with LinkedIn highly effective.

Salespeople and consultants, as well as contractors and service representatives, can with great benefit use Small Business.

Small Business is perfect for smaller companies with international sales as it handles foreign currencies and variable tax rates.

For just a small sum, you get Small Business with the ability to integrate with e-conomic and MS Exchange as well as the smartphone app – something usually reserved for large corporations.

Small Business handles hourly billing and products.


What do I get with Small Business?

It is essential to keep costs low during the first years of your business. You can do that by subscribing to cloud apps that work together.

When you subscribe to Small Business, e-conomic, and Hosted Exchange, you get almost all the technology you need to run a small business for just a fraction of the cost of traditional software . You even get a free app for you iPhone.

Your website / shop can quickly and inexpensively be integrated with Small Business. Learn more

Small Business is ideal for entrepreneurs and growth oriented small businesses.

Small Business handles the following lines og business:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Product Management
  • Human Resource

Lines of business


Entrepreneurs and smaller companies often don’t use the entire sales pipeline. They go directly to order and offer.

That’s why Small Business lets you create orders and offers with a single click from OnBRM’s contact list.

The order and offer automatically contain all relevant contact information like the customer’s name and address.

You can create single order lines in the order or offer.

If you are using e-conomic you can transfer an order to e-conomic with a single click from either your browser or your smartphone.

Small Business is two way integrated with MS Exchange.

To be able to deal with public institutions without extra work, Small Business works with EAN numbers (The EAN-location number of the public institutions in Denmark).
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  Customer Service Automation

Customer service and support is an integral part of the offerings of small businesses.

Many customers are skeptical of whether a small business can deliver the required level of service and support.

Therefore it is crucial that you keep track of both current and past services to your customers.

Small Business helps you do just that.

Your web shop and website can quickly and inexpensively be integrated with Small Business´ Cases.

If you make this integration, your service and credibility further strengthened.
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  Product Management

Small Business handles both goods and service offerings.

That’s why you can manage your consulting hours with the Small Business version.

Because Small Business can work with different currencies and prices for a single product, you can also manage your international sales.

Your international sales can be transferred without hassle to e-conomic.

Even though you may be a smaller business and don’t sell many different products, or maybe just do hourly billing, OnBRM Small Business still eases your workload.
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  Human Resource

Even if you are an entrepreneur or work in a smaller business, you still need to manage your human resources.

For example, you will need to manage user accounts for the Small Business version.

You will also need to enter your license number, username, and password for e-conomic in the human resources module.

As your company grows, this module will become increasingly important.
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Social Networks

Our Small Business version is integrated with LinkedIn.

OnBRM helps you learn more about your contacts by letting you access their LinkedIn through your account list.

Depending on your subscription to LinkedIn, you can see more or less information about your customers in LinkedIn’s user database.

You don’t have to have the person in your LinkedIn network, because you can see your friends’ friends.

Small Business is tightly integrated with Skype.

This saves you money on your phone bill and makes your daily life easier.

What if I need more?

Our Small Business version is geared towards entrepreneurs and results-oriented small businesses.

As your business grows, you will experience the need to reach out to your contact network in new ways, such as e-mail marketing campaigns.

As your business grows, you will experience the need to reach out to your contact network in new ways, such as e-mail marketing campaigns.

OnBRM can grow with your business in two ways. You can either add the functionality you need through add-on modules, or you can upgrade Small Business to a more powerful version.

As an entrepreneur, if you want your new organization to function as a team, where all members can see each other’s data, our Team version is the right choice for you. If you need even more, you can go with our Enterprise version.

When you’re ready to upgrade, just contact us.

How do I get started?

Try a free two-week trial of OnBRM Enterprise. You can buy a subscription to our Small Business version at any time during the trial.

If you need to transfer your data from the trial version, just contact us. You can only transfer the data that Small Business supports.

How do I get my current data into Small Business?

If you’re currently using e-conomic, you can import data such as accounts, contacts, products, prices, and product categories with just a few clicks.

OnBRM is integrated with MS Exchange, so you can get all of your company accounts and contacts in Small Business with just a few clicks.

If you’re storing all your data in Excel, OnBRM lets you import that as well. Using OnBRM’s import wizard, you can import company accounts, contacts, and products saved in Excel spreadsheets.

Our import wizard lets you import data from virtually any accounting system or app.

You can use OnBRM's API to import accounts, contacts, products, orders and offers into OnBRM

If you want more information about using the API, contact Presys A/S.

If you’re using KrakMarkedsdata, you can export your company account information to a CSV file, then import it using OnBRM’s wizard.

If you’re using KOB-OPEN, you can import your data directly through the internet. You can use KOB-OPEN’s search features, as they’re directly built into our Small Business version.

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